My 2016 Travel Plans

I came into my 2016 travel plans after what had been a fairly quiet 2015 but this was to be without a doubt my biggest year for travelling. Adventures alone and with friends made it up to be one of my favourites so far. This year was made up of stags, weddings, football tournaments and a one way ticket.

The German Football Trips Continue

A portion of my wide friendship groups involve a love a football and over the past few years we have fallen in love with Germany as this offers quality football, cheap local beer and great nightlife. This year was no different and I took a first trip to Hamburg.

The Greek Weddings Continued

For the second year in a row I headed to Greece for a friend’s wedding. I had already been to Zante for another friend’s wedding the previous year but as is the desire now for couples to marry outside of the UK I can only enjoy the benefits of this and enjoy a week in the sun drinking beer, chilling by a pool and getting up to no good with my closest friends.

A Wedding Means a Stag Do

Of course as I have just mentioned there is a wedding for me to attend this year so with that comes a stag do or a bachelor party for those reading from the other side of the pond. The destination for this would be far from glamorous but 2 nights of debauchery took place in Magaluf, Spain. A group of friends enjoying wild and crazy nights celebrating the stags last few months of the single life before the new challenge of marriage begins.

Euro 2016

Wales pulled off a complete shock and qualified for the Euro 2016 Finals in France and as it was practically on my doorstep there was no way this opportunity was going to be missed. There was two separate trips involved for Euro 2016, the first being 7 days in Bordeaux, Lille and Paris and then a returning trip a few weeks later for a semi final game in Lyon. As you can tell there is a pattern forming here and my love for travel, beer and football is starting to show.

A Cheeky Weekend in Amsterdam

The wedding in Greece happened to take place in the middle of Euro 2016 so with some careful planning we used this to our advantage and combined Euro 2016 and Greece over a 2 and a half week trip with a little stop off in Amsterdam in between. It was far cheaper and direct to fly from Amsterdam to Greece than it was in France so of course it would have been rude not to take the train through Belgium to Amsterdam and spend a few nights there before joining the wedding celebrations.

The Big Trip

If all of the trips above weren’t enough for 2016 on August 11th 2016 I departed for Colombo, Sri Lanka and spent the next 5 months travelling across 13 countries in Asia. The route I took was Sri Lanka, Maldives, Singapore, India, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia. This was my first big solo backpacking experience and this was the basis for me starting this blog.

So, this was my 2016 folks.